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“Thank you for all you, your team and guests do! SOMM TV is such an incredible resource for learning and entertainment!”

— @ptfowine

“Your content is phenomenal! It is extremely educational and also entertaining. Some of my favorites include the Blind Tasting Sessions, the closer looks at different regions of the world, and different tasting notes between varietals.”

— @nick_alto20

“I love everything about SOMM TV. The best part of it all is the intimacy of much of the content. It’s like you’re sitting right there tasting along with the episodes. Keep up the amazing work!”

— @jeremyloveswine

“I love the Blind Tastings. I also really liked Verticals. The pairings have been fun as well. I can’t wait to see what happens with that old winery Raj and others found.”

— @bcap25

“I’m a new subscriber (couple of months) and loved the content so far. Keep up the good work, thanks a lot!”

— @serkanclkylmz

“LOVE everything about SOMM TV! Literally every show is great. I love the quick little intro series whether it’s to a region or a varietal!”

— @sa_vannah_banana


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